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wanna-be geek


I Grew up in Hawaii. Lived in San Francisco for 3 years and now live near San Diego, which I love- it's just like back home, only you get to drive farther before you reach a cliff. I can speak a little Japanese. I'm obsessed with anything to do with Boston. I have a fondness for learning and am a self-improvement junkie. I procrastinate too much, but i'm workin' on it. I let my heart lead the way in basically everything I do and sometimes that means I get my feelings hurt but I think in the end i'm a better person for it. I overthink things and probably stress too much but also I think that sometimes it helps me make better decisions. I pick up on other people's emotions and feel them as if they were my own. I'm intrigued by the Buddhist philosophy on life. People say i'm way too nice. I love kissing in the rain. Growing up, my grandma was my best friend. I never go a day without talking to my sister. I'm a total Gemini and often have a hard time making up my mind. I think the dollar store ROCKS. I have a Siamese kitty named Goku. I love meeting new people. I can't scrapbook without FRIENDS on tv and Rockstar Guava. I have a weird obsession with pi (I shout it out when the time hits 3:14). I'm 27 and trying really hard to savor every second of every day and live life with aloha.


scrapbooking, although that goes without saying. art in general. hawaii. the ocean. music of all genres (favs are UB40, Rascal Flatts and Kelly Clarkson) although I grew up on Reggae. Good books (Harry Potter, The Da Vinci Code and anything by Dean Koontz). 24. Friends. Law & Order SVU. Scarves of every color (one reason why I miss SF). Cool shoes and funky jewelry. Fruity drinks. Getting caught in the rain. The movies, Goonies, Little Women and Serendipity. Winter. SNOW! Bursts of bright color. On their own, the colors teal, orange and green. Rockstar Juiced. and what would this world be without COLOR!